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about the sound files

These sound files are in mp3 format and are streamed at multiple bit rates. The sound quality and playing characteristics of the files is dependent on your type of internet connection.  A moderately fast DSL connection is required for smooth playing of the files.  Please note that these files are copyright protected and are not available for downloading to an MP3 player.  To play the selections, click on the far left arrow button in the player box.  Enjoy!  

scms honor band (2011 lgpe) performs March of the leprechaun 2011 LGPE-March of the Leprechaun.mp3

scms honor band (2011 lgpe) performs when the stars began to fall 2011 LGPE-When the Stars Began to.mp3

scms honor band (2011 lgpe) performs Flight of the thunderbird 2011 LGPE-Flight of the Thunderbi.mp3

SCMS Honor Band (2009 LGPE) Performing Colonel Bogey March

SCMS Honor Band (2009 LGPE) Performing When the stars begin to fall

SCMS Honor Band (2009 LGPE) Performing MacIntyre Park Overture

SCMS Honor Band (2007-2008) performing tipperary march

scms honor band (2007-2008) performing As summer was just beginning

scms honor band (2007-2008) performing Regenisis

SCMS Color guard performing at myrtle beach spring 2008

This file is VERY LARGE and may not load and/or play if you have a slower internet connection. 

Lexington March


They Led My Lord Away


Echoes of Ireland


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